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Anglian Water Developer Services

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In Partnership with Anglian Water Developer Services

Anglian Water provide water to 4.3 million people across their region which serves customers from Grisby in the Northeast through to Milton Keynes in the Southwest.

We have been working with Anglian Water since 2018 and our relationship continues to grow as we support their developer services team with the provision of self-lay water installations and mains connections across their region for all contestable works.

Our teams work in partnership with Anglian Water Developer Services to help developers and their customers get connected to their water networks whenever there is a requirement for water services to by supplied from Anglian Water approved contractors.

Anglian Water Region modern housing development in Suffolk

Anglian Water Services

Anglian Water Developer services from Aquamain

When it comes to making a decision about the water services and associated infrastructure you require for your development you have two options. Work directly with Anglian Water or, you can choose to work with an approved contractor such as Aquamain that will work independently, often achieving quicker timescales and cost savings to suit you and your development needs.

There are many potential benefits for developers choosing to appoint a self-lay provider to work for them instead of the incumbent water board. We can offer more agile project management and delivery solutions working seamlessly with Anglian Water to deliver best in class water assets and services.

We can often deliver water services projects much faster, save you money, provide greater flexibility and streamline communications with one expert point of contact who works with the relevant teams and touchpoints across Anglian Water.

Water Mains Installation

Our fully trained staff can install water mains in various sizes and materials according to local conditions and regional water company specifications. The Aquamain field teams are fully trained to install all sizes of main in all forms of Polyethylene (PE) or Barrier pipe (BP) where we are familiar with both Protectaline and Puriton products.

Every pipe weld is uniquely identified, monitored and recorded via our ‘Control Point‘ cloud-based monitoring and assurance system. The quality of each joint is subject to a pass/fail test at the time of fusion.

By using Aquamain, we can offer a cost effective and flexible alternative to the incumbent regional water companies as well as other less established SLPs.

As a leading Self Lay Provider (SLP) we are solely focused on serving you the developer. It’s what we do. Our support functions and management structure are geared to support the way you operate your business. Our lead-in and response times are operated around your needs.

We work closely and maintain strong and professional relationships with the incumbent regional water companies. We have a deep understanding of the regulated nature and environment of the water companies and the complex processes around the provision of water. We navigate those requirements so that you get the asset you need, when you need it

Providing Anglian Water New Connections

If your development requires a new water mains connection, then we are well positioned to apply for this on your behalf by leveraging our trusted relationship with the team at Anglian Water.

Aquamain are an accredited SLP for the Anglian Water region which means your water infrastructure and installation project will receive the same level of service, delivered to the required standards as necessary for this water company.

Anglian Water New Connection Application

We are familiar with the processes required to carry out works across the Anglian Water region.

Anglian Water have created a series of online forms which are dedicated to supporting SLP water mains supply and water connection services for developers which we can help you with to ensure a smooth process for your SLP project.

New water connection applications

Affinity Water Case Study

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Family happy to have chosen southern water approved contractors

'Just as we do for installation activities, we take a no compromise approach to all our commissioning processes'. 

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Affinity Water Build Over Agreement

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SLP Services for Anglian Water

Aquamain are a WIRS accredited self-lay organisation which means we have been approved to supply new water connections and associated water utility services on behalf of Anglian Water.

Whether you need advice, a quotation, help or you just want to talk with someone about the provision of water assets for your development, the Aquamain team are here to help you – contact us today.

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