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Time to start saving

19 February 2021

Did you know?

An immense amount of focus is now being given to sustainability in the water industry. Ofwat have set ambitious targets for all Water Companies to aspire to in terms of leakage reduction and sustainability of infrastructure.

Organisations like Water UK, Discover Water and Water Innovation 2050 are all focussed on the growing awareness and importance of water as a resource and how we protect its supply in future decades.

Developers now incorporate best practise design to minimise water use and to collect surface water for treatment and use. Green and grey water systems are now becoming more commonplace.

But there is a more current issue....

We still lose an immense amount of water through leakage from pipes in the ground.

Aquamain self lay quality counts
source: Water UK

So what else can be done?

At Aquamain we are passionate about quality. Our Self lay accreditations are not badges - they are a commitment to providing quality assets.

We believe by getting it right first time and insisting on the highest quality water main installations, every time, as a responsible Self lay provider we are contributing to reducing leakage levels and achieving a more sustainable water infrastructure for future generations.

Quality matters.  Time to start saving...

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