Water Compliance and Commissioning Services

Taking a no compromise approach to all our commissioning processes

Our in-house commissioning experts enable efficient and safe connection of our mains to the network, providing you with assurance and peace of mind.

Our commissioning process ensures an integrated and seamless approach to all the procedures that are vital to inspect and test every single operational aspect across your water infrastructure and systems.

We provide a comprehensive, end to end service which entails rigorous testing to guarantee that your new water system is working exactly as it should be, and is delivered in a fully compliant way to meet the regulatory requirements as governed by the regional water board.

Aquamain commissioning of water supply system

Water Mains Installation

Our fully trained staff can install water mains in various sizes and materials according to local conditions and regional water company specifications. The Aquamain field teams are fully trained to install all sizes of main in all forms of Polyethylene (PE) or Barrier pipe (BP) where we are familiar with both Protectaline and Puriton products.

Every pipe weld is uniquely identified, monitored and recorded via our ‘Control Point‘ cloud-based monitoring and assurance system. The quality of each joint is subject to a pass/fail test at the time of fusion.

By using Aquamain, we can offer a cost effective and flexible alternative to the incumbent regional water companies as well as other less established SLPs.

As a leading Self Lay Provider (SLP) we are solely focused on serving you the developer. It’s what we do. Our support functions and management structure are geared to support the way you operate your business. Our lead-in and response times are operated around your needs.

We work closely and maintain strong and professional relationships with the incumbent regional water companies. We have a deep understanding of the regulated nature and environment of the water companies and the complex processes around the provision of water. We navigate those requirements so that you get the asset you need, when you need it

So, what exactly is water commissioning?

When we refer to 'commissioning' within the water industry we are talking about the processes involved in making a water system fully operational and fit for purpose.

Each process provides a vital step to ensure that your water system performs and matches the aspirations of the initial design and vision and is an essential part of any water asset project and is central to what we do.

The goal of commissioning is to test and validate that a system meets the specification of the design solution, is safe, effective and energy efficient, as well as adhering to environmental and local regional board standards.

And ultimately, we need to ensure that we deliver a quality water supply that is operating at optimum performance to satisfy every water utility customer.

Our Water Compliance Services and Solutions

Our experts provide the full range of professional engineering solutions to cover testing, balancing, validating and the final commissioning of water systems for commercial new build programmes as well as residential projects.

We conduct all the essential checks and verifications ourselves to guarantee that the installation meets the requirements of the design intent and project specification and personally ensure that everything is fit for purpose and functioning correctly.

One of the key benefits of choosing to work with us is that we employ an in-house commissioning team as part of our commitment to quality of service and asset.

This means that Aquamain directly employed staff take responsibility for every aspect of the provision of the asset – including the vital commissioning processes:

• final swabbing (to remove air and debris in accordance with local specifications)
• pressure testing
• chlorination
• sampling
• certification

testing and commissioning of water supply system

Our Water Main Pressure Test Procedure

The pressure testing of mains is a key milestone in our assurance process.

Using a hydrostatic test pump, a ‘Creep Reactive’ test and pressure data loggers, we deliver a ’Type 2 test’ to ensure that all assets are sound.

Test reports are analysed using a WRc approved third-party software programme, always ensuring full compliance.

water supply pressure test

Water Treatment Services

We also offer professional water treatment services to test your water supply through sampling, monitoring, chlorination, and certification.

Everything that you need from one reliable contractor to keep your system running efficiently, operating safely, and staying compliant.

Supporting You with Complaint and Safe Water Systems

Whether you need advice, a quotation, help or you just want to talk with someone about the provision of water assets for your development or house, the Aquamain team are here to help you – contact us today to discuss your mains water project.

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