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Environmental Policy

Aquamain (UK) Ltd are committed to supplying an excellent quality service to our customers around the country. Our strategy is to continually improve the way we deliver water services for our customers to a high level of quality and to reduce environmental impacts. Specific objectives are established and reviewed in accordance with business planning and continual improvement processes.


Aquamain are committed to the following:

• We must satisfy customer, legal and statutory requirements now and in the future

• To accomplish this, we will seek to continually improve our processes and systems, analysing feedback from customers and utilising the knowledge and skills of Aquamain staff and suppliers.

• Managing our workforce, equipment and processes to provide the highest quality water maintenance and water installation services.

• We identify our significant environmental impacts and take action to manage these.

• Protecting the environment and preventing pollution through the effective management of our activities and those of our suppliers, contractors and partners.

• The effective and efficient use of natural resources, including water but also energy and raw materials and reduction in volume of waste produced, maximising reuse and recycling.

• Working with our suppliers, contractors and partners to improve the environmental performance of our supply chain. We aim to purchase and use environmentally preferable goods and services.

• Operating an effective environmental management system, designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 and Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS). The system is regularly externally assessed to maintain certification against these standards.

• Ensuring regular internal audits, management meetings and a management review are conducted.

• An integrated process focused approach is taken to the development, operation and improvement of the Aquamain management system wherever practicable, recognising that Quality, Health and Safety and caring for the Environment are an integral part of everything we do.



The Aquamain Management System Manual describes the principles and structure of the management system which is the mechanism by which Aquamain complies with the policy. It:

• Defines how existing documentation and procedures interrelate and how requirements of ISO14001 are met and explains the overall workings of our management system.

• Provides clear description of our business and the effective communication links which we have implemented to ensure efficient quality management.

• Provides the necessary references for obtaining more detailed information on how the defined policies and objectives are achieved.



The Directors takes full responsibility for this policy, for ensuring that it is implemented and adequate resources are provided.

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