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18 October 2023
Aquamain Launches Multi Utility

A popular request of our customers was to expand our service provision and provide in-house multi utility installations. We are please to share that following our NERS accreditation, we are now able to install electric networks alongside our WIRS accredited water installations. Aquamain gained NERS accreditation in April of 2023 and since then, we have […]

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15 December 2022
Aquamain awarded WIRS Accreditation for Water Main and Water Network Design

Aquamain are now WIRS approved designers providing water mains and water infrastructure design across the UK. Find out more about our WIRS design accreditation!

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19 October 2022
5 Trends That Will Help Shape the Future of the Water Industry

Aquamain explores 5 key trends to shape the future of the water industry.

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25 August 2022
Green Recovery Plan for the UK Water Sector

Find out all about the green recovery plan for the UK water sector and explore our latest thoughts on a more integrated approach to sustainable water infrastructure planning.

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26 July 2022
The Water Infrastructure Industry in the UK

Explore our latest thoughts on why water infrastructure is so important in the UK and the challenges ahead for the future of water infrastructure management.

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6 June 2022
Customer Experience Management for Water Utilities Sector

Explore our latest thoughts on customer experience management and the implications of PR19 within the water utilities industry.

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17 May 2022
The Water Industry Act and New Appointment and Variations (Nav’s)

Read all about New Appointments and Variations (known as Nav’s) and what they mean for developers as incorporated by The Water Industry Act 1991.

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2 September 2021
Self Lay 2 - Water Co 8?

Developers. Are your CML dates as secure as you think they are? It might be time to check...

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13 July 2021
Self Lay Connects You

1 in 20 of all 2021 Q1 private housing completions self lay connected by Aquamain

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9 March 2021
Programme agility

Sometimes you just have to find a way to respond. It happens. On a busy site, things can change...

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19 February 2021
Time to start saving

The UK & Wales still lose nearly 3000 litres of water a day through leakage in underground mains pipework...

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19 February 2021
Water Company Charges

New Water Company Charges come into force on 1st April 2021. See if we can secure you 2020 pricing...

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