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Self Lay 2 - Water Co 8?

2 September 2021

Developers. Are your CML dates as secure as you think they are? It might be time to check.

We were recently asked by a developer to take over a significant site that had originally been awarded to the local incumbent water company on the basis of a very keen price. As house completions and the all important CML dates loomed, it became clear however that the plot connection call off period for the incumbent was around 8 weeks in total. This period is well beyond the normal SLA and obviously put the developer at significant risk. They clearly needed a solution to what had become a sizeable problem.

The developer came back to us at Aquamain, knowing that our focus on customer service and our operational excellence in the field was their best bet of recovering the situation and their programme of CMLs.

As the leading Self lay provider, the Aquamain team are all directly employed. This means from our excellent site teams, through to our expert customer services team, we can navigate the water company processes and keep control of our timescales.

Our plot connection call off period is 10 days.

Crisis averted. House completions and CMLs secure. Another satisfied customer.....

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