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Aquamain awarded WIRS Accreditation for Water Main and Water Network Design

15 December 2022

Aquamain are now accredited by The Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) to carry out the design of water mains and water supply networks to provide a more integrated and joined up water service provision for our customers.

Our self-lay water services offering can vary from a single plot connection to larger housing developments and more complex multi-site industrial developments.  Our experienced team are now accredited to provide design drawings and applications to meet the high standards required to fulfil requirements for the major water companies across our servicing area of the South of England and Wales.

Aquamain appoints Design Engineer, Toby Goodyear for enrolment

Toby Goodyear - Aquamain's Design Engineer

To be WIRS accredited, companies must pass the technical assessments as determined by LRQA who assess several areas to meet the criteria to provide water mains and services design as an approved contractor.

Aquamain appointed Design Engineer, Toby Goodyear for enrolment in the design course in May 2021 which was split over 6 modules covering both knowledge and research essay questions & the submission of a portfolio of designs over a period of 18 months from start to completion.

A mandatory face-to-face observation visit was conducted in February 2022 as part of the key criteria to assess the quality of work being submitted and once all the knowledge criteria had been met & the 6 required designs were signed off, Toby successfully completed the course and WIRS Design certificate was issued to Aquamain in August 2022.

Water Mains and Water Network Design as a Service

Certificate of Accreditation for Main Water Design for Aquamain

Aquamain was audited on the procedures & processes involved in completing designs and variations by WIRS in September 2022 and issued partial accreditation following a successful audit. Full accreditation is pending once a further 5 designs have been completed.

For all new applications Aquamain are now able to:

1) Provide a water mains or water services network design, working closely with the projects team
2) Preliminary designs are completed at the budget quote stage to aid more accurate cost calculations for customers
3) Aquamain liaise with Fire Authorities to understand their requirements
4) Discuss different design options with developers to offer the best water infrastructure design solution
5) Submit designs to the relevant Water Board company for approval and undertake any changes as requested

Adding this latest design capability enables us to support UK Developers on the whole water utility journey – from early advisory through to final adoption.

Design of water supply pipe networks to a new housing development by Aquamain
Design of water supply pipe networks to a new housing development

Key benefits to developers include:

• Lower application costs
• Faster design time scales
• Collaborating more closely with the developer on water supply network design advice and direction
• Ability to provide more strategic design input on decisions

We provide everything you need for the successful self-laying of water mains to your development focusing on excellence in quality and customer care.

WIRS Accredited Water Mains and Water Network Design Services

Operated by LRQA, on behalf of over twenty water utility companies, the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) permits approved contractors to undertake projects regarding water mains and supplies to domestic and commercial properties.

Aquamain is now an accredited water mains designer with experience in numerous supply areas such as Affinity Water, Anglian Water, South East Water, Southern Water, Thames Water, Welsh Water and Wessex Water.

Whether you need advice, a quotation, help or you just want to talk with someone about the design of water assets for your Development, the Aquamain team are here to help you – contact us today.

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